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We began our love of the Mercedes-Benz in 1972 when we purchased a 280SEL 4.5. It was chocolate brown over bamboo leather. My mother really loved that car, enough that we bought another. Finally in 1974 we purchased a 220 diesel with 180,000 miles, drove it another 200 thousand miles and sold it for more than we paid! After that we were hooked. Owning several more Mercedes into 1980 we decided that the service bills we were paying at the "dealers" were too much. Everyone in our family was driving a Mercedes at the time and it seemed like we were always having something done. At the age of fifteen and with the help of my best friend Scot Severson and my father, we began buying Mercedes, fixing them up and selling them. This began out of my parents garage in St. Charles ILL. in 1981.

After some time with great success in servicing and selling these cars my mother and our neighbors decided that we needed a bigger place, both to save on wear and tear of the house but also to appease the neighbors that were tired of the traffic and all the cars parked down the drive. We began looking for a place to move our growing business. Finally in the spring of 1985 we rented the upstairs of a body shop in Bristol and moved from St. Charles. There was another body shop downstairs and a drywall company in the front building. Some time went by and the body shop and drywall company moved out and we moved in. Several thousand cars sold and 18 years of service later we outgrew the buildings and surrounding property and found some land on the main highway U.S Rt. 34. In 2007 we moved into our new and current location. With personalized sales and service all of our customers feel right at home here. As a Bosch authorized service center we offer nationwide warranties on all Bosch related repairs. Thanks for visiting our site and we welcome feedback on any aspect of our business!   Thanks, JONATHAN


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